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Business outline

BPO division.(Business Process Outsourcing.)

We provide the service is “expanding a commercial possibility" and “improving customer satisfaction" as a theme.
We expand two services: how to sufficiently apply call center, and we always keep in mind what profit we generate for your company.
Our service is classified in two categories, outbound and inbound that provided extensively.

Aged person's staffing service division.

We offer seniors comfortable living spaces by reducing steps and constructing handrails and so on.
And, we propose easing the burden on patients and helpers' life circle in close cooperation with care managers.
Also, we create job opportunities for seniors who is in the prime of life and support their exhibition on next stage.

Architectural remodeling division.

We deal with the renovation and large repair of detached house and collective housing extensively. on the other hand, we respond to customer needs and provide to make seniors' life circle comfortable.

Real estate division.

We work hard sincerely to meet the request of house. If you want to find apartment, control of real estate, transactions in real estate and sale by private contract of real estate, please consult us. We provide the service to make a good living.

Health care division.

We deliver “good thing" from Okinawa skin care cosmetics wishing customer's life style to make a better. Would you like to use our product to relax? To treat your skin and keep health maintenance management.

Support overseas promotion and business

We support all companies which expand to Myanmar and India from Japan. Removing concerns and anxieties about expansion as much as possible, we would like to be a mediator for customers to feel extending your business abroad closer.

Food service business division.

Akahige-ramen at Naha, Okinawa has soy sauce and pork bone broth ramen with garlic and pork back fat. We will continue to expand new store and search after the quality of taste.

Company profile

Head Quarter Saiki centre building Room#705, 8-1 Rokuchonome Nishi-machi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai 984-0011, Japan
Tel. +81-22-355-8160
Fax +81-22-355-8260
Representative director Mr. Toshio Murakami
Foundation October, 2003
Paid-in capital JP\ 20,000,000.-
Tel. +81-3-6380-9561
Fax. +81-3-6380-9562
Singapore resident office Levels 30 & 31, 6 Battery Road, Raffles Place, Singapore 049909
Tel. +65 6322 1483
Services BPO business, Architectural remodeling business, Food service business, Real estate consultation business, Non life insurance business.
Corporate banks 77 Bank, Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank, Sendai Bank
Number of employees 70


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